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RRSA has built a reputation in the construction industry as one of the most honest and trustworthy companies in the business. Our construction expertise is predominantly in roofing, siding, and gutter installation. Such a reputation is not earned without a demand for high standards of quality. We have a superior system for maintaining the highest possible values for quality control. RRSA begins with a firm commitment to purchase materials from only manufacturers that provide the best warranties in the business. Anyone with a ladder can nail up a shingle and call themselves a "roofer", but we take roofing to the next level to make sure your home or business is fully covered. Roofing & Restoration Services of America is an established company specializing in military, commercial, and residential roofing, fully equipped with large-scale resources and capabilities that allow us to better serve our community. We pride ourselves on being your local roofing experts, thanks to our top-of-the-line training, experience, and reputation.

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What Color GAF Shingles Are Best For Your South Florida Home?

maintain asphalt shingles south florida
July 19, 2018When you’re ready for RRSA Vero Beach to install a new roof on your South Florida home, one major decision you need to make is which color GAF shingles you prefer. The color and shade you decide on will not only impact the look of your South Florida home, it will be a choice you are going to have on ...

RRSA Vero Beach is Proud of Our Military Division

July 16, 2018When we write posts on the RRSA Vero Beach blog, we are always talking about roofing and roof replacement in Vero Beach and all of South Florida. However, today we would like to take the time to brag about the military division of RRSA, (Roofing & Restoration of America.) RRSA is our parent company, and there is a huge military ...

Questions to Ask South Florida Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

south florida roof
July 12, 2018RRSA Vero Beach would like to share with you 8 questions you should ask any South Florida roofing contractor before you decide to hire them. Our professional team can answer all eight questions with the right answers. It is extremely important to ensure that your South Florida roofing contractor is an expert, experienced and ethical. Before you hire any roofing ...

How Long Each Type of Roofing Material Last in South Florida

July 9, 2018RRSA Vero Beach strives to inform and educate South Florida homeowners and commercial property owners about all things roofing. As part of that effort, today on our blog we would like to share some important information about the how long each type of roofing material is meant to last in our South Florida climate. The durability of your roof in ...

Be Ready South Florida: Experts Call for New Hurricane Category Six

July 5, 2018RRSA Vero Beach strives to keep our blog readers educated and informed, mostly about roofing. However, since we live in Florida, where hurricanes are a common occurrence, today we would like to share some important news with our South Florida blog readers. Experts are now calling for a new, stronger category six to be added to the measure of hurricanes ...

RRSA Vero Beach Offers Tips for Summer Fun

July 2, 2018As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Since RRSA Vero Beach never wants to be accused of being dull, today we are going to have some fun instead of talking about selling you a new roof in South Florida. First of all, let us say that our team really does love Vero ...

New Residential Roof Installation in Vero Beach

June 29, 2018Choosing RRSA Vero Beach to install the roof on your new home means you are choosing a local company with roots in Vero Beach. We are backed by a nationwide roofing contractor with decades of experience in new roof installation.  RRSA Vero Beach is also a Certified Master Elite GAF Contractor, an honor bestowed on very few companies. As with ...

How Trees Can Damage Your South Florida Roof

common roof issues south florida
June 25, 2018RRSA Vero Beach wants our blog readers to know that if you are a homeowner in South Florida whose roof has been damaged by a tree, the damage could be so extensive that you need a new roof. We offer free roof inspections. What our professional roofing pros may discover is that the damage caused to your roof by a ...

Best Roofing Company on The Treasure Coast

roof issues south florida
June 21, 2018RRSA Vero Beach always blogs about the roofing services we offer in Vero Beach and South Florida. If you are new to the neighborhood, you may just be learning that this area is affectionally referred to as the Treasure Coast. Just a few of the cities we service included Orchid Island, Indian River Shores, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Port St. ...

Commercial Roofing in Indian River County

June 20, 2018RRSA Vero Beach is your best choice for a commercial roofer in Indian River County. We are backed by a national construction company that manages and builds highly complex projects, specializing in roofing, siding and exterior roof and wall panel systems. We provide construction management and general construction services to corporations, property management companies, and government entities. We have been in ...

What Florida Law Says About Wind, Insurance, And Your Roof

maintain asphalt shingles south florida
June 18, 2018Since Hurricane Season started June 1, 2018, RRSA Vero Beach decided today is a good time to share with our blog readers the Florida statutes concerning wind and your roof. It is a given that homeowners in South Florida WILL experience high winds this season, even if we are not actually hit by a hurricane. That is just the nature ...

How Constant Rain Affects Your South Florida Roof

maintain asphalt shingles south florida
June 11, 2018RRSA Vero Beach provides roof replacement to residents and businesses all over South Florida. Our blog provides homeowners and commercial property owners in this area with information and advice on keeping your roof as healthy as possible. Since it looks like its going to be rainy all week in South Florida, today we want to talk about how constant rain ...

South Florida Hurricane Preparation When You Have Kids

hurricane preparedness south florida
June 7, 2018RRSA Vero Beach wants our South Florida blog readers to be prepared for Hurricane Season, which officially started June 1, 2018. In a previous post, we discussed hurricane preparation and offered tips on being prepared. However, today we would like to take things one step further for those of you who have kids. There are preparations you need to make ...

Are You Ready for a New Roof in Indian River County?

gaf contractor vero beach
June 4, 2018RRSA Vero Beach is the premier roofing contractor in Vero Beach and all of Indian River County. If you are considering having a new roof installed and you live in any of these areas, there are some things you should consider. As a homeowner, you must realize that your roof is the most important aspect of your home, your first line ...

The 2 Most Common Roof Issues South Florida Homes Encounter

roof issues south florida
May 31, 2018At RRSA Vero Beach we strive to keep our blog readers informed about all things affecting your South Florida roof.  Your roof is constantly exposed to weather and the elements, especially here in Florida, since we after all known as the Sunshine State. Your roof is meant to protect your home and family from the harsh rays of the sun ...

South Florida Under Flood Watch As Alberto Heads Toward Landfall

May 28, 2018RRSA Vero Beach serves South Florida for the roofing needs of both homeowners and commercial property owners. We also do our best to keep our blog readers in South Florida up-to-date on all things affecting you and your roof. Today we would like to share the latest on what is currently considered a subtropical storm. Alberto has already produced plenty ...