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Choosing a Color for Your New Roof in South Florida

If you are a South Florida homeowner who is getting ready to have a new roof installed, choosing the color for your new roof is very important. Your new roof will be there for a very long time, so it is important to make sure you choose a color that you are going to be happy with.

The Rest of Your Exterior

Take your cue from your masonry, siding, trim and landscaping. You might be tempted to choose a trendy hue, but remember your†roofing†system will have to coexist with the rest of your homeís exterior. Without visual harmony, the combination will be incongruous, potentially decreasing curb appeal. A great rule of thumb is to use your roof to balance things out. If your exterior already has a mishmash of colors, pick a hue that can tone things down.

Style of Your Home

In some homes, the roof is the most iconic feature of the architecture. A good case in point is the red†tile roofing†of Mediterranean-inspired homes. In conservative neighborhoods, itís usually ill-advised to deviate from tradition, or else you risk decreasing your homeís value. It pays to hire an architecturally savvy roofer like RRSA Vero Beach to guide you with your decision.

Energy Efficiency

Generally, light-colored roofs are known to beat the heat. They donít absorb as much of the sunís infrared rays as dark-colored roofs do. But then again, modern technology has made darker hues more reflective than ever. To find out how energy-efficient roofing products really are, look at their Solar Reflectance Index value. When we send out one of our professional roof experts from RRSA Vero Beach, they will help you decide on the best type of roofing to save you the most money on your energy bill.

Consider the Light

Any experienced asphalt shingle or†metal roofing†expert knows that roofs will look different at different times of the day or year. Light affects our ability to perceive colors, which is why seeing products in both shaded and sunny areas can help facilitate your decision-making. The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler lets you compare the difference between the look of roofing materials in the morning and afternoon, or spring and winter. This virtual home remodeler from our chosen roofing material manufacturer also lets homeowners mix and match shingle styles and trim. As a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor, RRSA Vero Beach strongly suggests South Florida homeowners take advantage of this fun, virtual tool.

If you are ready to have a new roof installed, call RRSA Vero Beach today and let us come out and give you a free roof inspection. Our expert roofer will go over all of these considerations with you to help you decide on the best color for your new roof.



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