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Is Your South Florida Home For Sale? You Need a New Roof

If your South Florida home is on the market, or you are considering selling it, one of the smartest moves you can make is having a new roof installed. Read the two main reasons below:

Home Value

Remodeling Impact Report done by the National Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry compared the impact of different popular projects. The report showed a new roof provides one of the highest returns on investment, with an astounding median of 105% recovered at resale. This means the value increase gives homeowners all their money spent back plus 5% of the project cost. A new roof on your South Florida home you are trying to sell will also increase the energy efficiency of the home, which results in monthly savings on the energy bill.

Buyer Interest

The reason a new roof raises a home’s value so much is because of the buyer’s perceived value. A new roof is highly appealing and will often help a home sell more quickly than it otherwise would. In many cases, buyers put more value on a new roof than other more obvious interior projects such as new wood floors.

When you have Roofing & Restoration of America in Vero Beach do a roof replacement for your home, you will get the highest quality materials, experienced installation and an excellent warranty. RRSA has built a reputation in the construction industry as one of the most honest and trustworthy companies in the business. We have a superior system for maintaining the highest possible values for quality control. RRSA begins with a firm commitment to purchase materials from only manufacturers that provide the best warranties in the business. Anyone with a ladder can nail up a shingle and call themselves a “roofer”, but we take roofing to the next level to make sure your home or business is fully covered. R

Our Vero Beach location serves all of Vero Beach and South Florida. Contact us at 772-236-7694 to request a free estimate. One of our professional team members will come out to your property and climb on your roof to research whether you need a new one. If you are selling your South Florida home, as you can see from the above information, you are very wise to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.