Military Housing and Roofing Solutions

RRSA has been involved in military projects including base housing, aircraft and cargo hangars, commissaries, and maintenance facilities. RRSA has worked on military sites in 23 states, including Hawaii. Nonmilitary commercial projects include retail facilities, healthcare facilities, apartment and condominium complexes, and warehouse facilities. RRSA is bondable to over $100 million dollars and can do multiple large projects at the same time, due to its reputation and financial strength in the industry. Our history of quality workmanship and construction expertise will continue to be one of our strongest cornerstones. RRSA is prepared to meet the challenges of our clients and deliver exceptional projects. We offer the best building solutions while providing high quality performance, with a broad national reach and a strong commitment to its established safety program.

Ron Nichols, Vice President – Commercial / Military Division

Ron has been in the roofing and siding industry for the past 23 years. Starting out in the supply industry in 1989, Ron moved to the contracting business in 1993. For the past 12 years, Ron has focused on Military Housing and Military Commercial roofing and siding projects. Roof systems include shingles, tile, standing seam metal, flat roof systems and wall and roof panel systems. Ron has been directly involved in projects that total over $200 million dollars of installed work on military housing and commercial projects. Ron is certified by several manufactures, for extended warranties, for all housing and commercial projects including flat, metal, tile, shingles, and wall and roof panel systems.

For quotes on any of your projects, please contact Ron at 713-418-0238 (cell), or 855-268-RRSA (office), or [email protected].

Kevin McBroom – Commercial / Military Division

Kevin has been in the metal roofing and industrial wall panel industry since 1987.  For the past 26 years, he has been responsible for installing industry leading materials, on hundreds of projects, including military bases, and commercial/industrial projects, throughout the United States.

Kevin’s expertise in roof and wall systems includes standing seam metal, single-ply roofing, insulated foam wall panels, composite wall panel systems, and glazing and curtainwall systems. Kevin is certified by many leading manufacturers, for all roof and wall panel systems mentioned above.

For quotes on any of your projects, please contact Kevin at 409-750-3834 (cell), or 855-268-RRSA (office), or [email protected].