Do You Need a New Roof on The Treasure Coast?

The South Florida area is also called the Treasure Coast. RRSA Vero Beach loves the story of how the area got that name. The Treasure Coast refers to the tons of treasure left at the ocean’s bottom by ships sunk in storms or other calamities. Of special interest was the treasure left by the 1715 “Plate Fleet,” which sank in a hurricane. “Plate” is a distortion of Plata, the Spanish word for “silver.

This could be one of the many reasons that homeowners on the Treasure Coast feel so rich, even if they are not wealthy. The Treasure Coast has so much to offer, just as Roofing & Restoration Services of America offers only the best in GAF roofing products. If you are considering getting a new roof on your home on the Treasure Coast, below are several reasons, beyond the fact that your old roof just needs replacing, that this is a great idea:

1. Improved resale value. A new roof increases home value by almost $12,000, according to the latest cost vs. value survey.

2. Excellent appearance upgrade. New GAF architectural-grade asphalt shingles provide texture and color options that are truly amazing. Who would have thought you could duplicate the appearance of a rustic slate roof using asphalt shingles? It’s possible with the selection of high-grade asphalt shingles available today.

3. Longer warranties. Standard warranties for asphalt shingles used to be 15-20 years. Premium-quality GAF asphalt shingles today offer warranties as long as 50 years.

4. Cool roof technology. Believe it or not, some types of asphalt roof shingles have an ENERGY STAR® rating because they are designed to reflect solar heat, thereby reducing cooling costs.

5Avoiding building inspection issues. When a house goes on the market, the roof is one of the most visible features –not just to prospective home buyers but also to building appraisers and inspectors. A roof in poor condition can stop a home sale dead in its tracks. That’s why it’s smart to replace an old roof with a new one.

Do You Need a New Roof on The Treasure Coast?

If you are ready to get a new roof for your home on the Treasure Coast, you can’t go wrong with RRSA Vero Beach. Our parent company, RRSA, is one of the largest national roofing contractors in the nation, with years of experience replacing roofs for homeowners. We are a GAF Master Elite Contractor, meaning we must adhere to the strict rules set forth by GAF.

Call us today for your free roof inspection. One of our professional sales team members will be happy to visit with you and help you decide on the best new roof for your Treasure Coast home.

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