Residential Roofing

With a 20 year track-record in business and more than 300 years of collective management-level experience when it comes to roofing, RRSA specializes in quickly and efficiently repairing and roofing homes.

Based in Texas, with satellite command posts around the nation, RRSA immediately brings it partners the ability, tools, technology, materials and manpower to contract and replace hundreds, even thousands of roofs in a timely manner.

RRSA’s mission is simply to help you help build your community quickly, efficiently and professionally.

We provide new roof installations, repairs, and restoration on homes, apartment complexes, and other multi-family housing units. There isn't a project that our team of experts hasn't seen or that we aren't capable of completing.

What RRSA Does Best?

  • Mobilize project managers, office staff and crews when and where they are needed the most
  • Expedite permitting and code accommodations
  • Utilize long standing relationships with suppliers to get material efficiently in damaged hit areas
  • Leverage expertise working with insurance claims