Your Preferred Storm Damage Roofer in Vero Beach

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, the coming Hurricane Season in Florida starts around June 1st and is predicted to be the strongest cycle in 70 years. We want our readers to know that if your South Florida/Vero Beach roof is affected by a hurricane this season, RRSA Vero Beach should be your preferred storm damage roofer.

There is a very good reason for this. Unlike most roofing contractors in South Florida, whose main body of work is simple roof repairs and replacement due to standard issues, like a roof getting too old, RRSA Vero Beach has 20+years handling storm damage to roofs. Our company specializes in taking care of homeowners’ roofs after a major storm, such as a hurricane.

By choosing us as your storm damage roofer, the process of replacing your roof will run very smoothly. There won’t be holdups like there would be if you chose a regular roofing contractor. Below is a list of reasons why we are the only roofer in South Florida you should pick if you have damage to your roof during this upcoming Hurricane Season:

  • Project managers, office staff, and crews are experienced and ready when a storm hits
  • We can expedite permitting and code accommodations
  • RRSA Vero Beach utilizes long-standing relationships with suppliers to get material efficiently in damaged hit areas
  • Years of expertise working with insurance claims
  • Master Elite GAF Roofing Contractor
  • 20+ years experience dealing with storm damage to roofs.

By choosing a roofing contractor in South Florida who has so much experience in handling storm damage to roofs, you have automatically saved yourself tons of time and headaches, and most likely a lot of money. We handle everything going forward once you hire us, including helping your file your homeowner insurance claim. RRSA Vero Beach also offers an option to finance your roof replacement through Green Sky, allowing you to keep your insurance payout.

So it looks like the only question remaining is, why would you choose anyone else?

Call us today and let’s discuss the upcoming Hurricane Season in Florida and your South Florida or Vero Beach roof. We have experts ready to give you a free roof inspection before the storms come so that you will have the peace of mind that your roof is ready if a hurricane hits.

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